Zebrafish – Directed by Bruce Lu

A boy named Ting-an experiences trouble at home and bullying at school. Out of fear, he forces himself to hide his feelings from others. The only thing that still interests him is a pet zebrafish he keeps in his room. On the eve of presenting his school report, Ting-an is about to overcome his fears — he just doesn’t know it yet.

Tail End Of The Year – Directed by Chieh Yang

On Chinese New Year Eve, ten-year-old Yang Lan is anxiously waiting for her singer mother to come home. While the big family is celebrating loudly with Mahjong, fireworks, dinner, and laughs, she struggles to reconcile her urge to feel, at least for a brief moment, loved.

Q&A with Director Kar Wai Wong, Tony Leung, and Ziyi Zhang

When did Ip Man first come into your life?
Kar Wai: In 1998, I had a chance to meet with the family of the Grandmaster Ip Man. And they showed me a short film of him – which you can find on YouTube now. His son recorded it just a few days before Ip Man passed away. And you can see that it’s almost like a home movie; he’s very sick and quite thin.

Caught – Directed by Bruce X Li

Jason Bourne and Blood Diamonds comes to Middle School. It is 2001. Gunn, a student experienced in trading illegal contrabands, acts as a liaison between traders. Now he’s got to pull one last job to win the girl he loves—Felicia—who has an agenda of her own.