Q&A with Saoirse Ronan and Greta Gerwig

One of the most priceless moments in the film is when Lady Bird escapes from the car. What was it like putting that scene together?
Greta Gerwig: That scene was such a monster on the page because there are so many emotions.

Q&A with Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig

How did you develop the wonderful physicality of Greta’s character Brooke? She emotes with her entire body.
Well first, Greta was born. And grew up into that person.


THE NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW NAMES THEIR 2017 HONOREES INCLUDING THE POST FOR BEST FILM OF THE YEAR & GRETA GERWIG FOR BEST DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR The Organization’s Gala will be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 in New York City New York, NY (November 28, 2017) – The National Board of Review today […]

2017 Awards Gala

A select group of knowledgeable film enthusiasts and professionals, academics, young filmmakers and students, the National Board of Review viewed over 265 films in 2017 including studio, independent, foreign-language, animated and documentary selections. These screenings were frequently followed by in-depth discussions with filmmakers, directors, actors, producers, and screenwriters. Voting ballots were tabulated by the accounting […]