Q&A with Alex Gibney, Betsy Andreu, and Jonathan Vaughters

What was involved in the production of making such a visually and sonically rich film?
At the Tour de France we had a full ten cameras, and we were able to put a camera inside the car, sometimes two, and then at every stop along the way we had three cameras in every car.

Q&A with Alan Hicks, Justin Kauflin, and Paula DuPré Pesmen

Mr. Kauflin, what was your reaction when you were approached about being in this film?
Kauflin: When Al asked me that, we had already known each other for a few years; he was a good buddy of mine. I knew he was a great drummer, and apparently he’s a good surfer as well.


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Book Review: “My Autobiography,” by Charles Chaplin

The recent release of Salinger draws attention to a historical figure not widely associated with the eponymous author: Charlie Chaplin. The film advances the theory that the author never fully recovered from the heartbreak of having Oona O’Neill (daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill) choose Chaplin over him.