The National Board of Review Announces 2015 Student Grant Winners

THE NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW ANNOUNCES 2015 STUDENT GRANT WINNERS New York, NY (July 6, 2015) – The National Board of Review announced today that it will be awarding grant money through the organization’s annual Student Grant Program to 23 filmmakers, including nine graduate students and fourteen undergraduate students. These schools include Brooklyn College, City […]

Q&A with Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden, and Ryan Reynolds

What was it about the riverboat casinos in Iowa that compelled you to write this story?
It was really interesting to see the anti-glamorous version of a casino. There was a story in there somewhere that we hadn’t seen on film before.

Q&A with Laurie David

How did you get involved with this film?
This project actually just came to me—Katie [Couric] got in touch with me out of the blue with an email that simply said, “would you be interested in doing an Inconvenient Truth on food?”

Q&A with Julie Goldman, Samantha Power, Greg Barker

What was the process like to bring this film together?
Julie Goldman: This is our sixth film together, so we have an established and unusual machine that works for our flow of producing.

Q&A with Joey Kuhn and Kimberly Parker

Can you talk about some of the sources of inspiration for this film?
Joey Kuhn: I’ll start with the emotional inspiration for the film: In college, I accidentally fell in love with my gay best friend, and was afraid to tell him for years.

Q&A with Ethan Hawke and Paul Schrader

What was the genesis of this film?
Paul Schrader: The process began about three years ago when I was giving an award for Pawel Pawlikowski, for his film Ida at the New York Society of Film Critics.

Q&A with director Shane Salerno

Let’s start by talking about the unique backstory to making this film.
Salerno: I grew up in a house where Salinger was a church. My mom was a huge fan and turned me onto his work, but like everyone, I had no idea about the man, I just knew the work. I started researching this project and found out that J.D. Salinger landed on D-Day, that Salinger participated in these horrible battles, that he lost the love of his life, Oona O’Neill, to Charlie Chaplin.

Q&A with Adam Driver, Daniel J. Jones, Steven Soderbergh, and Scott Z. Burns

Your characters spends a lot of time in an underground room, and doesn’t interact with a wide variety of people. But you still manage to develop a building sense of urgency. Can you talk about that process?
Adam Driver: There is a kind of decorum that comes with being in that kind of space that I really related to. There is a withholding of emotion, because you are there to do a job and not to insert your opinion or to have a feeling that you can express to your higher ups.

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National Board of Review to Announce 2017 Award Winners on November 28th

THE NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW WILL ANNOUNCE RECIPIENTS OF 2017 YEAR-END HONORS ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2017 ANNUAL AWARDS GALA SET FOR THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 2018 WITH WILLIE GEIST TO RETURN AS HOST New York, NY (March 15, 2017) – The National Board of Review announced today that the organization will name the recipients of its year-end […]

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National Board of Review Changes Date for Annual Awards Gala

THE NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW MOVES ANNUAL AWARDS GALA TO TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2018 RECIPIENTS OF THE YEAR-END HONORS WILL BE NAMED ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2017, AS PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED New York, NY (September 5, 2017) – The National Board of Review announced today that its annual film awards gala will move to Tuesday, January […]


The Organization’s Annual Gala will be held on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 with NBC’s Willie Geist set to return as host   New York, NY – (November 29, 2016) – The National Board of Review has named […]